Alliance for Finance Monitoring

Is a Pan African Political Finance watchdog that follows the money in politics including political parties and election campaigns. ACFIM is also a coordinating platform for civil society organisations and activists that promote open, transparent and accountable mechanisms of financing politics for sustainable democracy and development in Africa.

ACFIM rises to the challenge of political finance being one of the most under-researched and under-legislated subjects in Africa

Programme Areas

Money in Politics Programme (MIPPO)

  • Political party finance
  • Election campaign finance
  • Political corruption and state capture
  • Political & electoral accountability
  • The Political Finance in Africa Index
  • The Political Finance Academy

Civic Engagement Programme (CEP)

  • Weekly virtual talk shows & podcasts
  • Webinars on money in politics
  • Annual symposia on money in politics
  • Forum theater & video skits
  • Door-to-door civic engagements
  • Townhall discussions

Policy Analysis and Advocacy Programme (PAAP)

  • Analytical studies
  • Policy briefs on legal and institutional reforms
  • Private members’ bills
  • Public interest litigation

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Political Finance Academy

Application open to both young men and women politicians from Uganda

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