African Election Observers Network (AfEONet) is the apex coordinating platform for domestic election observers in Africa. The creation of AfEONet is one of the unintended outcomes of the 2nd global domestic elections observer’s forum in Brussels September 2016, which brought together representatives of Citizen Observer groups from across the world.

AfEONet was established with the aim of creating a continental Think-Tank to guide the continent on a brand of democracy that is homegrown and befits the African norms and beliefs. The network was further intended to mobilise, organise, coordinate and enhance citizen observation activities in the continent.

AfEONet brings together regional election observation blocks namely; East and Horn of Africa Election Observation Network (E-HORN), West African Election Observers Network (WAEON), and the Southern Africa Development Community – Elections Support Network (SADC-ESN).

  • MISSION : Contributing towards a unified Citizen Election Observation in Africa.
  • VISION : To promote the integrity of the election process by deterring and exposing irregularities.
  • GOAL : The overarching goal of AfEONet is to create a platform for solidarity of all citizen observation networks and organizations on the continent.



AfEONet intervention is guided by the overarching need to: promote transparency and integrity, accountability as well as increase the participation of citizen-based institutions in electoral processes in African countries.


  1. Developing and improving standards on election observation in Africa.
  2. Continental knowledge generation and dissemination on electoral issues through research in the election observation methodologies, impact, and tools development to enable members to carry out effective observations.
  3. Pan-African advocacy and lobby for continental standards on elections:
  4. Facilitating staff exchange to ensure on job training and experience sharing.
  5. Pan-African advocacy and lobby for continental standards on elections: AfEONet will work with the AUC election Unit to propose continental standards and reforms for the consideration of member states.