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Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) is an independent, non-partisan, Pan-African political finance Think-Tank and Watchdog organisation that brings together pro-democracy activists to promote transparency and accountability in political finance.

ACFIM is made up of civil society organisations, university projects, private sector associations, and individuals that advocate for and promote open, transparent and accountable political/electoral financing in Africa.

Join a team of Africans who believe in democracy as the most viable system of governance for African countries. The lack of electoral integrity is a major bottleneck for Africa’s democratisation process. Uncontrolled, undeclared and opaque money in politics is a major cause for lack of electoral integrity.

ACFIM is working on developing homegrown solutions to curb monetization and commercialisation of politics as one avenue of building electoral integrity for sustainable democracy in Africa.

Become a Member

Categories of Membership

  • Full Membership

Full membership is granted to pro-democracy organizations and individuals with a clean record of integrity and are interested in promoting open, transparent and accountable political financing. Full members enjoy the right to vote and/or be voted into office as members of the board of directors at the General Assembly.

  • Associate Membership

Associate membership is granted to an organization, institution or Individuals that are involved and/or interested in the promotion of the objectives of ACFIM including enhancing democracy as a viable system of governance for African countries. Associate members have no voting powers and do not participate in the organisation’s General Assembly.

  • Honorary Membership

This category of membership may be granted to individuals who have rendered distinguished services in promotion of transparency and accountability in the democratic process. Honorary members are approved by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors. Honorary members do not participate in the organisation’s General Assembly.

Membership Benefits

ACFIM is the go-to-place when it comes to research, legal and policy analysis on the subject of political finance. ACFIM takes lead on building capacity of Electoral Management Bodies in Africa to enhance transparency in political finance. ACFIM is also the host organisation for the African Election Observers Network (AfEONet), the apex coordinating platform for domestic election observers in Africa.


  • Access ACFIM workshops, conferences, webinars, Annual symposiums resources, and trainings on money in politics in Africa
  • Participate in advocacy and outreach activities to African Governments and the African Union Headquarters.
  • Participate in virtual talk shows monthly webinars on money-in-politics in Africa
  • Get a copy of ACFIM’s weekly news magazine – Secrets Known, including upcoming events, reports, job opportunities, and research.
  • Shape the agenda and priorities of Africa’s democratisation process
  • Make your voice heard in shaping the agenda on campaign finance legislation
  • Engage the leading champions, policy makers, and donors shaping the future of transparent political financing in African countries.