Policy Analysis and Advocacy Programme (PAAP)

Analytical studies

ACFIM conducts analytical studies that help in deepening understanding of the scale and magnitude of the problem of monetized politics, and ultimately inform policy analysis and advocacy for feasible reforms. The Town Hall meetings draw participation from civil society, academic, religious leaders, political leaders, opinion leaders and the media.



Private members’ bills

One strategy ACFIM has been employing in the protracted advocacy campaign for enactment of the election campaign finance law, which until now it far from sight. The closes Uganda came to campaign finance legislation was in 2017 when the Attorney General tabled five electoral amendment bills, three of which contained campaign finance provisions. But the 10th Parliament removed on grounds that Uganda needed a standalone campaign finance law. The matter was thus deferred to the 11th Parliament.


Public interest litigation

ACFIM used strategic public interest litigation as one stimulating public debate on a particular issue of concern on one hand, while getting policy makers and political leaders to pay attention to the issue on the other hand. This includes challenging some political finance provisions in the electoral laws that seem to be either ignored or violated with impunity.